About Us

Aloha, from the Sparks family

Our getaway was first built in 1992 where it suffered much damage due to the most powerful hurricane on record in Hawaii, Hurricane Iniki. The roofing had to be redone along with several other details. Since then our family, every year, has constantly made small upgrades as we come for the summer seasons. This house has truly become more than just a house to us, its a place where we escape from the world and can truly grow close as a family. We spend late nights playing cards and long days building sand castles and surfing at the beach.


The house has very unique surroundings full of fruit trees that have provided our family with everything from fresh lemons, to record sized avocados, candy like mango, mandarins, coconuts, guava, starfruit and many others exoti fruits that can only be truly enjoyed on a tropical island.  

Other unique features of our dream getaway is the secluded beach, which is only a five minute walk. The Moloaa Bay is so beautiful they have used it in several movies, like Gilligan's Island. Its large horse-shoe shape creates the perfect place for the family because the waves stay small and the large exotic reef located on the far right side swirls with bright tropical fish and occasionally sea turtles. Night time makes for the perfect place to roast marsh-mellows while gazing at the crystal clear sky painted with stars, and the white puffy Milkyway. 

We hope that you can enjoy our island paradise as much as the three generations of our family has. You will build unforgettable memories, have hysterically funny moments, and obviously be humbled by the unmatchable beauty throughout the entire island. Mahalo, or thank you, from our Hawaiian escape to wherever you may be.